No. Title Author Year
1 Keeping a Crowd Safe: On the Complexity of Parameterized Verification (Invited Talk) Esparza, Javier 2014
2 Computation of Summaries Using Net Unfoldings Esparza, Javier et al. 2013
3 Computing Least Fixed Points of Probabilistic Systems of Polynomials Esparza, Javier et al. 2010
4 On the Memory Consumption of Probabilistic Pushdown Automata Brazdil, Tomas et al. 2009
5 Convergence Thresholds of Newton's Method for Monotone Polynomial Equations Esparza, Javier et al. 2008
6 Reachability analysis of multithreaded software with asynchronous communication Bouajjani, Ahmed et al. 2006
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