No. Title Author Year
1 09121 Abstracts Collection -- Normative Multi-Agent Systems Boella, Guido et al. 2009
2 Normative Systems in Computer Science - Ten Guidelines for Normative Multiagent Systems Boella, Guido et al. 2009
3 Choosing Your Beliefs Boella, Guido et al. 2007
4 Common Foundations for belief revision, belief merging and voting Gabbay, Dov et al. 2007
5 Premise Independence in Judgment Aggregation Pigozzi, Gabriella et al. 2007
6 Ten Philosophical Problems in Deontic Logic Hansen, Jörg et al. 2007
7 Belief merging, judgment aggregation and some links with social choice theory Eckert, Daniel et al. 2005
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