No. Title Author Year
1 05081 Abstracts Collection -- Foundations of Global Computing Fiadeiro, José Luiz et al. 2006
2 Architectural Views for CommUnity Oliveira, Cristóvão et al. 2006
3 Data Handover: Reconciling Message Passing and Shared Memory Gustedt, Jens 2006
4 Injecting Distribution in CASL Cerioli, Maura et al. 2006
5 Insights emerged while comparing three models for global computing Lanese, Ivan et al. 2006
6 MiKO---Mikado Koncurrent Objects Martins, Francisco et al. 2006
7 Practical Techniques for Language Design and Prototyping Stehr, Mark-Oliver et al. 2006
8 Probabilistic Anonymity Palamidessi, Catuscia et al. 2006
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