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1 06061 Abstracts Collection -- Theory of Evolutionary Algorithms Arnold, Dirk V. et al. 2006
2 06061 Executive Summary -- Theory of Evolutionary Algoritms Arnold, Dirk V. et al. 2006
3 A Mathematical Modelling Technique for the Analysis of the Dynamics of a Simple Continuous EDA Gallagher, Marcus et al. 2006
4 A New Quartet Tree Heuristic for Hierarchical Clustering Cilibrasi, Rudi et al. 2006
5 How fast does the stationary distribution of the Markov chain modelling EAs concentrate on the homogeneous populations for small mutation rate? Mitavskiy, Boris S. et al. 2006
6 On Complexity of Optimized Crossover for Binary Representations Eremeev, Anton 2006
7 On Turing complete T7 and MISC F--4 program fitnes landscapes Langdon, William B. et al. 2006
8 Runtime Analysis of a Simple Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm Neumann, Frank et al. 2006
9 The Factorized Distribution Algorithm and the Minimum Relative Entropy Principle Mühlenbein, Heinz et al. 2006
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