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1 06111 Abstracts Collection -- Complexity of Boolean Functions Krause, Matthias et al. 2006
2 06111 Executive Summary -- Complexity of Boolean Functions Krause, Matthias et al. 2006
3 A Generic Time Hierarchy for Semantic Models With One Bit of Advice van Melkebeek, Dieter et al. 2006
4 Approximability of Minimum AND-Circuits Arpe, Jan et al. 2006
5 Bounds on the Fourier Coefficients of the Weighted Sum Function Shparlinski, Igor E. 2006
6 Computing Shortest Paths in Series-Parallel Graphs in Logarithmic Space Jakoby, Andreas et al. 2006
7 Fault Jumping Attacks against Shrinking Generator Gomulkiewicz, Marcin et al. 2006
8 Graphs and Circuits: Some Further Remarks Jukna, Stasys 2006
9 Hadamard Tensors and Lower Bounds on Multiparty Communication Complexity Ford, Jeff et al. 2006
10 Incremental branching programs Gál, Anna et al. 2006
11 On Probabilistic Time versus Alternating Time Viola, Emanuele 2006
12 On the Complexity of Numerical Analysis Allender, Eric et al. 2006
13 On the Teachability of Randomized Learners Balbach, Frank J. et al. 2006
14 Quantum Network Coding Hayashi, Masahito et al. 2006
15 Quantum vs. Classical Read-Once Branching Programs Sauerhoff, Martin 2006
16 Secure Linear Algebra Using Linearly Recurrent Sequences Kiltz, Eike et al. 2006
17 The Cell Probe Complexity of Succinct Data Structures Gál, Anna et al. 2006
18 The complexity of Boolean functions from cryptographic viewpoint Carlet, Claude 2006
19 The optimal sequence compression Andreev, Alexander E. 2006
20 Time-Space Lower Bounds for the Polynomial-Time Hierarchy on Randomized Machines Diehl, Scott et al. 2006
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