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1 06051 Abstracts Collection -- Kolmogorov Complexity and Applications Hutter, Marcus et al. 2006
2 Application of Kolmogorov complexity and universal codes to identity testing and nonparametric testing of serial independence for time series. Ryabko, Boris et al. 2006
3 Automatic Meaning Discovery Using Google Cilibrasi, Rudi et al. 2006
4 Binary Lambda Calculus and Combinatory Logic Tromp, John 2006
5 Combinatorial proof of Muchnik's theorem Shen, Alexander 2006
6 Complexity Monotone in Conditions and Future Prediction Errors Chernov, Alexey et al. 2006
7 Error in Enumerable Sequence Prediction Hay, Nick 2006
8 Learning in Reactive Environments with Arbitrary Dependence Ryabko, Daniil et al. 2006
9 Multisource Algorithmic Information Theory Shen, Alexander 2006
10 Natural Halting Probabilities, Partial Randomness, and Zeta Functions Calude, Christian S. et al. 2006
11 On impossibility of sequential algorithmic forecasting V'Yugin, Vladimir 2006
12 Recent Results in Universal and Non-Universal Induction Poland, Jan 2006
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