No. Title Author Year
1 06291 Abstracts Collection -- The Role of Business Processes in Service-Oriented Architectures Leymann, Frank et al. 2006
2 06291 Workshop Report: Conversation Patterns Hohpe, Gregor 2006
3 06291 Workshop Report: Process Mining, Monitoring Processes and Services van der Aalst, Wil 2006
4 A SOA-Based Architecture Framework van der Aalst, Wil et al. 2006
5 AMFIBIA: A Meta-Model for the Integration of Business Process Modelling Aspects Kindler, Ekkart et al. 2006
6 An Algorithm for Matching Nondeterministic Services with Operating Guidelines Massuthe, Peter et al. 2006
7 Approaches to Compute Workflow Complexity Cardoso, Jorge 2006
8 Aspect-Oriented Techniques for Web Services: a Model-Driven Approach Ortiz, Guadalupe et al. 2006
9 Choreography Conformance Checking: An Approach based on BPEL and Petri Nets van der Aalst, Wil et al. 2006
10 DecSerFlow: Towards a Truly Declarative Service Flow Language van der Aalst, Wil et al. 2006
11 Model-Driven and Pattern-Based Integration of Process-Driven SOA Models Zdun, Uwe et al. 2006
12 Pricing Web Services GŁnther, Oliver et al. 2006
13 Towards a Services-Based Process Platform Kuropka, Dominik et al. 2006
14 Towards UML Modelling Extra-Functional Properties in Web Services and their Clients Ortiz, Guadalupe et al. 2006
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