No. Title Author Year
1 07122 Abstracts Collection -- Normative Multi-agent Systems Boella, Guido et al. 2007
2 Introduction to Normative Multiagent Systems Boella, Guido et al. 2007
3 A Game-Theoretic Approach to Normative Multi-Agent Systems Boella, Guido et al. 2007
4 A Normative Framework for Agent-Based Systems Lopez y Lopez, Fabiola et al. 2007
5 A Normative Multi-Agent Systems Approach to the Use of Conviviality for Digital Cities Caire, Patrice 2007
6 Agents, Norms and Forest Cleaning Odelstad, Jan 2007
7 Aligning Models of Normative Systems and Artificial Societies: Towards norm-governed behavior in virtual enterprises Davidson, Paul et al. 2007
8 BIO Logical Agents: Norms, Beliefs, Intentions in Defeasible Logic Governatori, Guido et al. 2007
9 Choosing Your Beliefs Boella, Guido et al. 2007
10 Control Patterns in a Health Care Network Kartseva, Vera et al. 2007
11 Deriving individual obligations from collective obligations Garion, Christophe et al. 2007
12 Designing Organizations: Towards a Model Bottazzi, Emanuele et al. 2007
13 Emergence In the Loop: Simulating the two way dynamics of norm innovation Andrighetto, Giulia et al. 2007
14 Epistemic Norms in a Nutshell Weydert, Emil 2007
15 Expressing and Verifying Business Contracts with Abductive Alberti, Marco et al. 2007
16 Implementing Norms that Govern Non-Dialogical Actions Torres da Silva, Viviane 2007
17 Interaction between Normative Systems and Cognitive agents in Temporal Modal Defeasible Logic Riveret, Regis et al. 2007
18 Normative Multi-Agent Organizations: Modeling, Support and Control, Draft Version Boissier, Olivier et al. 2007
19 Norms and accountability in multi-agent societies Kibble, Rodger 2007
20 Norms and plans as unification criteria for social collectives Gangemi, Aldo et al. 2007
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