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1 07071 Abstracts Collection -- Web Information Retrieval and Linear Algebra Algorithms Frommer, Andreas et al. 2007
2 07071 Report on Dagstuhl Seminar -- Web Information Retrieval and Linear Algebra Algorithms Frommer, Andreas et al. 2007
3 A Deeper Investigation of PageRank as a Function of the Damping Factor Boldi, Paolo et al. 2007
4 A Fast Algorithm for Matrix Balancing Knight, Philip A. et al. 2007
5 An Inner/Outer Stationary Iteration for Computing PageRank Gray, Andrew P. et al. 2007
6 Asynchronous Computation of PageRank computation in an interactive multithreading environment Kollias, Giorgios et al. 2007
7 Convergence of iterative aggregation/disaggregation methods based on splittings with cyclic iteration matrices Marek, Ivo et al. 2007
8 Exploiting Community Behavior for Enhanced Link Analysis and Web Search Luxenburger, Julia et al. 2007
9 Extrapolation and minimization procedures for the PageRank vector Brezinski, Claude et al. 2007
10 Google Pageranking Problem: The Model and the Analysis Serra Capizzano, Stefano 2007
11 Graph matching with type constraints on nodes and edges Fraikin, Catherine et al. 2007
12 Iteration at Different Levels: Multi-Level Methods fro Structured Markov Chains Buchholz, Peter 2007
13 Multidamping simulation framework for link-based ranking Kollias, Giorgios et al. 2007
14 Nonlinear Approximation and Image Representation using Wavelets Guha, Sudipto et al. 2007
15 Stanford Matrix Considered Harmful Vigna, Sebastiano 2007
16 The Sinkhorn-Knopp Algorithm:Convergence and Applications Knight, Philip A. 2007
17 Three results on the PageRank vector: eigenstructure, sensitivity, and the derivative Gleich, David et al. 2007
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