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1 07081 Abstracts Collection --- End-User Software Engineering Burnett, Margaret M. et al. 2007
2 07081 Executive Summary -- End-User Software Engineering Burnett, Margaret M. et al. 2007
3 A Methodology to Improve Dependability in Spreadsheets Burnett, Margaret M. et al. 2007
4 Barriers to Successful End-User Programming Ko, Andrew J. 2007
5 Dependability in Web Software Elbaum, Sebastian et al. 2007
6 Designers Need End-User Software Engineering Gross, Mark D. 2007
7 Empirical Studies in End-User Software Engineering and Viewing Scientific Programmers as End-Users -- POSITION STATEMENT -- Carver, Jeffrey 2007
8 End User Programming for Scientists: Modeling Complex Systems Begel, Andrew 2007
9 End Users Creating More Effective Software Myers, Brad A. 2007
10 End-user (further) development: A case for negotiated semiotic engineering de Souza, Clarisse 2007
11 End-User Design Repenning, Alexander 2007
12 End-User Development Techniques for Enterprise Resource Planning Software Systems Spahn, Michael et al. 2007
13 End-user Programming of Ambient Narratives van Doorn, Mark 2007
14 End-User Software Engineering and Professional End-User Developers Segal, Judith 2007
15 End-User Software Engineering Position Paper Lieberman, Henry 2007
16 Exploiting Domain-Specific Structures For End-User Programming Support Tools Abraham, Robin et al. 2007
17 Gender HCI Issues in End-User Software Engineering Environments Beckwith, Laura et al. 2007
18 Helping Everday Users Establish Confidence for Everyday Applications Shaw, Mary 2007
19 Interdisciplinary Design Research for End-User Software Engineering Blackwell, Alan 2007
20 Meta-Design: A Conceptual Framework for End-User Software Engineering Fischer, Gerhard 2007
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