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1 07041 Abstracts Collection -- Power-aware Computing Systems Benini, Luca et al. 2007
2 07041 Summary -- Power-aware Computing Systems Benini, Luca et al. 2007
3 07041 Working Group -- Towards Interfaces for Integrated Performance and Power Analysis and Simulation Bleakley, Chris et al. 2007
4 Automist - A Tool for Automated Instruction Set Characterization of Embedded Processors Wendt, Manuel et al. 2007
5 Compiler-based Software Power Peak Elimination on Smart Card Systems Grumer, Matthias et al. 2007
6 Complexity of Scheduling in Synthesizing Hardware from Concurrent Action Oriented Specifications Singh, Gaurav et al. 2007
7 Electrocardiogram on Wireless Sensor Nodes Yseboodt, Lennart et al. 2007
8 Energy Scalability and the RESUME Scalable Video Codec Devos, Harald et al. 2007
9 Lifetime Extension of Higher Class UHF RFID Tags using special Power Management Techniques and Energy Harvesting Devices Janek, Alex et al. 2007
10 The Sunflower Tool Suite --- Hardware and Software Research Platforms for Energy-Constrained and Failure-Prone Systems Stanley-Marbell, Phillip 2007
11 Thermal Characterization and Thermal Management in Processor-Based Systems Ayala, Josť Luis et al. 2007
12 Towards Class-Based Dynamic Voltage Scaling for Multimedia Applications Urunuela, Richard et al. 2007
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