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1 07271 Abstracts Collection -- Computational Social Systems and the Internet Cramton, Peter et al. 2007
2 07271 Summary -- Computational Social Systems and the Internet Cramton, Peter et al. 2007
3 An Axiomatic Approach to Personalized Ranking Systems Altman, Alon et al. 2007
4 Anonymity-Proof Voting Rules Conitzer, Vincent 2007
5 Auction Design with Avoidable Fixed Costs: An Experimental Approach Elmaghraby, Wedad et al. 2007
6 Incentive Compatible Regression Learning Dekel, Ofer et al. 2007
7 Inefficiency of equilibria in query auctions with continuous valuations Grigorieva, Elena et al. 2007
8 Item Pricing for Revenue Maximization in Combinatorial Auctions Balcan, Maria-Florina 2007
9 License Auctions with Royalty Contracts for (Winners and) Losers Wolfstetter, Elmar et al. 2007
10 Limited Verification of Identities to Induce False-Name-Proofness Conitzer, Vincent 2007
11 On Revenue Equivalence in Truthful Mechanisms Heydenreich, Birgit et al. 2007
12 Reducing Costly Information Acquisition in Auctions Larson, Kate 2007
13 Signalling Preferences in Interviewing Markets Lee, Robin S. et al. 2007
14 Social Comparisons and Contributions to Online Communities: A Field Experiment on MovieLens Chen, Yan et al. 2007
15 Strategic Behavior in Multi-unit Assignment Problems: Theory and Evidence from Course Allocations Budish, Eric et al. 2007
16 Strategy-proof assignment with a vanishing budget surplus Moulin, Hervé 2007
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