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1 07351 Abstracts Collection -- Formal Models of Belief Change in Rational Agents Bonanno, Giacomo et al. 2007
2 07351 Executive Summary -- Formal Models of Belief Change in Rational Agents Bonanno, Giacomo et al. 2007
3 A blueprint for deontic logic in three (not necessarily easy) steps Segerberg, Krister 2007
4 A conceptual framework for (iterated) revision, update, and nonmonotonic reasoning Kern-Isberner, Gabriele 2007
5 A logical formalism for the subjective approach in a multi-agent setting Aucher, Guillaume 2007
6 A Method for Reasoning about other Agents' Beliefs from Observations Nittka, Alexander et al. 2007
7 Belief Change and Cryptographic Protocol Verification Hunter, Aaron et al. 2007
8 Common Foundations for belief revision, belief merging and voting Gabbay, Dov et al. 2007
9 Distance Semantics for Relevance-Sensitive Belief Revision Peppas, Pavlos et al. 2007
10 Dynamic Interactions Between Goals and Beliefs Shapiro, Steven et al. 2007
11 Enhanced Contraction and (In)dependence Preliminary report Bochman, Alexander 2007
12 Forgetting and Update -- an exploration Nayak, Abhaya et al. 2007
13 From belief change to preference change Lang, Jérôme et al. 2007
14 Measuring Ranks via the Complete Laws of Iterated Contraction Spohn, Wolfgang 2007
15 Optimal Regression for Reasoning about Knowledge and Actions van Ditmarsch, Hans et al. 2007
16 Premise Independence in Judgment Aggregation Pigozzi, Gabriella et al. 2007
17 Probability Logic and Logical Probability Levi, Isaac 2007
18 Propositional Relevance through Letter-Sharing: Review and Contribution Makinson, David 2007
19 Ranking Revision Reloaded Weydert, Emil 2007
20 Semantic structures for one-stage and iterated belief revision Bonanno, Giacomo 2007
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