No. Title Author Year
1 07261 Abstracts Collection -- Fair Division Brams, Steven J. et al. 2007
2 07261 Summary -- Fair Division Brams, Steven J. et al. 2007
3 A Pie That Can't Be Cut Fairly (revised for DSP) Stromquist, Walter 2007
4 Approximating min-max k-clustering Levin, Asaf 2007
5 Better Ways to Cut a Cake - Revisited Brams, Steven J. et al. 2007
6 Divide-and-Conquer: A Proportional, Minimal-Envy Cake-Cutting Procedure Brams, Steven J. et al. 2007
7 Efficient cost sharing with a cheap residual claimant Moulin, Hervé 2007
8 Envy-free cake divisions cannot be found by finite protocols Stromquist, Walter 2007
9 Equilibria for two parallel links: The strong price of anarchy versus the price of anarchy Epstein, Leah 2007
10 Maximizing the Minimum Load for Selfisch Agents Epstein, Leah et al. 2007
11 Some Recent Results on Pie Cutting Jones, Michael A. 2007
12 Strong Price of Anarchy for Machine Load Balancing Fiat, Amos et al. 2007
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