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1 08021 Abstracts Collection -- Numerical Validation in Current Hardware Architectures Luther, Wolfram et al. 2008
2 08021 Summary -- Numerical Validation in Current Hardware Architectures Cuyt, Annie et al. 2008
3 A Modified Staggered Correction Arithmetic with Enhanced Accuracy and Very Wide Exponent Range Blomquist, Frithjof et al. 2008
4 A Note on Solving Problem 7 of the SIAM 100-Digit Challenge Using C-XSC Kolberg, Mariana et al. 2008
5 A Note on Some Applications of Interval Arithmetic in Hierarchical Solid Modeling Dyllong, Eva 2008
6 A Software Library for Reliable Online-Arithmetic with Rational Numbers de Miguel Casado, Gregorio et al. 2008
7 C-XSC and Closely Related Software Packages Hofschuster, Werner et al. 2008
8 Complete Interval Arithmetic and its Implementation Kulisch, Ulrich 2008
9 Distributed parameter and state estimation in a network of sensors Kieffer, Michel 2008
10 Extending the Range of C-XSC: Some Tools and Applications for the use in Parallel and other Environments Grimmer, Markus 2008
11 Fast (Parallel) Dense Linear Interval Systems Solvers in C-XSC Using Error Free Transformations and BLAS Zimmer, Michael et al. 2008
12 Implementation of the reciprocal square root in MPFR Zimmermann, Paul 2008
13 Improving the Performance of a Verified Linear System Solver Using Optimized Libraries and Parallel Computation Kolberg, Mariana et al. 2008
14 Interval Arithmetic and Standardization Wolff von Gudenberg, Jürgen 2008
15 Numerical Verification Assessment in Computational Biomechanics Auer, Ekaterina et al. 2008
16 On the Interoperability between Interval Software Popova, Evgenija D. 2008
17 Robustness of Boolean operations on subdivision-surface models Jiang, Di et al. 2008
18 Second Note on Basic Interval Arithmetic for IEEE754R Pryce, John D. et al. 2008
19 The CoStLy C++ Class Library Neher, Markus 2008
20 The New IEEE-754 Standard for Floating Point Arithmetic Markstein, Peter 2008
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