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1 08131 Executive Summary -- Ontologies and Text Mining for Life Sciences : Current Status and Future Perspectives Ashburner, Michael et al. 2008
2 Applications of semantic similarity measures Schlicker, Andreas et al. 2008
3 Bootstrapping an interactive information extraction system for FlyBase curation Briscoe, Ted et al. 2008
4 Coreference Resolution in Biomedical Texts: a Machine Learning Approach Su, Jian et al. 2008
5 Facilitating the development of controlled vocabularies for metabolomics technologies with text mining Spasic, Irena et al. 2008
6 GoPubMed: Exploring Pubmed with Ontological Background Knowledge Dietze, Heiko et al. 2008
7 Mining associations and roles: role of feature extraction Nenadic, Goran 2008
8 Mining Phenotypes for Protein Function Prediction Leser, Ulf et al. 2008
9 Named Entity or Entity Name? Schulz, Stefan 2008
10 NLP and Phenotypes: using Ontologies to link Human Diseases to Animal Models Washington, N. et al. 2008
11 Ontologies & Text Mining (for Life Sciences) Buitelaar, Paul 2008
12 Ontology learning with text mining: Two use cases in lipoprotein metabolism and toxicology Alexopoulou, Dimitra et al. 2008
13 Ontology-based Extraction of Transcription Regulation Events Kim, Jung-Jae 2008
14 Ontology-Based Interactive Information Extraction Milward, David 2008
15 Services for annotation of biomedical text Hakenberg, Jörg 2008
16 Systems biology approaches for prioritizing therapeutic gene targets Schuchhardt, Johannes 2008
17 Term Mapping Using Matrix Operations Krauthammer, Michael et al. 2008
18 Text Mining and Management Tools for Resource Construction and Validation in the Life Sciences Park, Jong C. 2008
19 Textpresso - an Information Retrieval and Extraction System for Biological Literature Mueller, Hans-Michael et al. 2008
20 WordNet-Inspired Terminological Resources for Bio-NLP Beisswanger, Elena et al. 2008
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