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1 08091 Abstracts Collection -- Logic and Probability for Scene Interpretation Neumann, Bernd et al. 2008
2 Abstraction, ontology and task-guidance for visual perception in robots Schlemmer, Matthias et al. 2008
3 Approximate OWL Instance Retrieval with SCREECH Hitzler, Pascal et al. 2008
4 Architectural and Representational Requirements for Seeing Processes, Proto-affordances and Affordances Sloman, Aaron 2008
5 Assimilating knowledge from neuroimages in schizophrenia diagnostics Santos, Paulo et al. 2008
6 Bayesian Compositional Hierarchies - A Probabilistic Structure for Scene Interpretation Neumann, Bernd 2008
7 Combining Logic and Probability in Tracking and Scene Interpretation Bennett, Brandon 2008
8 Implementing probabilistic description logics: An application to image interpretation Möller, Ralf et al. 2008
9 Learning Grammatical Models for Object Recognition Aycinena Lippow, Meg et al. 2008
10 Probabilistic Scene Modeling for Situated Computer Vision Wachsmuth, Sven et al. 2008
11 Qualitative Abstraction and Inherent Uncertainty in Scene Recognition Elfers, Carsten et al. 2008
12 Qualitative Arrangement Information for Matching Wolter, Diedrich 2008
13 Robust Multi-Person Tracking from Moving Platforms Ess, Andreas et al. 2008
14 Scene Understanding of Urban Road Intersections with Description Logic Hummel, Britta et al. 2008
15 The Tower of Knowledge: a novel architecture for organising knowledge combining logic and probability Petrou, Maria 2008
16 Towards a Media Interpretation Framework for the Semantic Web Espinosa Peraldi, S. et al. 2008
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