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1 08361 Abstracts Collection -- Programming Multi-Agent Systems Bordini, Rafael et al. 2008
2 08361 Executive Summary -- Programming Multi-Agent Systems Bordini, Rafael et al. 2008
3 A Formal Model of Emotions: Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects Steunebrink, Bas R. et al. 2008
4 Adding Organizations and Roles as Primitives to the JADE Framework Grenna, Roberto et al. 2008
5 Belief Update in AgentSpeak-DL Moreira, Álvaro F. et al. 2008
6 From Agents to Artifacts Back and Forth: Purposive and Doxastic use of Artifacts in MAS Piunti, Michele et al. 2008
7 GOAL Agents Instantiate Intention Logic Hindriks, Koen et al. 2008
8 Non-Markovian Agent Evolution with EVOLP Alferes, José J. et al. 2008
9 Normative Multi-Agent Programs and Their Logics Dastani, Mehdi et al. 2008
10 Task Suspension in Agent Systems Farwer, Berndt 2008
11 Ten Challenges for Normative Multiagent Systems Boella, Guido et al. 2008
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