No. Title Author Year
1 Car-Sharing on a Star Network: On-Line Scheduling with k Servers Luo, Kelin et al. 2019
2 Two Moves per Time Step Make a Difference Erlebach, Thomas et al. 2019
3 Car-Sharing between Two Locations: Online Scheduling with Two Servers Luo, Kelin et al. 2018
4 Faster Exploration of Degree-Bounded Temporal Graphs Erlebach, Thomas et al. 2018
5 Online Scheduling of Car-Sharing Requests Between Two Locations with Many Cars and Flexible Advance Bookings Luo, Kelin et al. 2018
6 Partitioning Vectors into Quadruples: Worst-Case Analysis of a Matching-Based Algorithm Ficker, Annette M. C. et al. 2018
7 Scheduling with Explorable Uncertainty Dürr, Christoph et al. 2018
8 OASIcs, Volume 14, ATMOS'10, Complete Volume Erlebach, Thomas et al. 2012
9 Frontmatter, Table of Contents, Preface, Organization Erlebach, Thomas et al. 2010
10 Computing Minimum Spanning Trees with Uncertainty Hoffmann, Michael et al. 2008
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