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1 Experimental Evaluation of Cache-Related Preemption Delay Aware Timing Analysis Shah, Darshit et al. 2018
2 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Committee Reineke, Jan 2017
3 OASIcs, Volume 57, WCET'17, Complete Volume Reineke, Jan 2017
4 Write-Back Caches in WCET Analysis Blaß, Tobias et al. 2017
5 WCET and Mixed-Criticality: What does Confidence in WCET Estimations Depend Upon? Altmeyer, Sebastian et al. 2015
6 An Empirical Evaluation of the Influence of the Load-Store Unit on WCET Analysis Abdel Maksoud, Mohamed et al. 2012
7 A Template for Predictability Definitions with Supporting Evidence Grund, Daniel et al. 2011
8 Toward Precise PLRU Cache Analysis Grund, Daniel et al. 2010
9 Cache-Related Preemption Delay Computation for Set-Associative Caches - Pitfalls and Solutions Burguière, Claire et al. 2009
10 Making Dynamic Memory Allocation Static to Support WCET Analysis Herter, Jörg et al. 2009
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