No. Title Author Year
1 Bounded Context Switching for Valence Systems Meyer, Roland et al. 2018
2 Knapsack Problems for Wreath Products Ganardi, Moses et al. 2018
3 Unboundedness Problems for Languages of Vector Addition Systems Czerwinski, Wojciech et al. 2018
4 The Complexity of Knapsack in Graph Groups Lohrey, Markus et al. 2017
5 Knapsack in Graph Groups, HNN-Extensions and Amalgamated Products Lohrey, Markus et al. 2016
6 The Complexity of Downward Closure Comparisons Zetzsche, Georg 2016
7 Computing Downward Closures for Stacked Counter Automata Zetzsche, Georg 2015
8 On Boolean closed full trios and rational Kripke frames Lohrey, Markus et al. 2014
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