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1 Scheduling Problems over Network of Machines Friggstad, Zachary et al. 2017
2 Program Tailoring: Slicing by Sequential Criteria Li, Yue et al. 2016
3 Program Tailoring: Slicing by Sequential Criteria (Artifact) Tan, Tian et al. 2016
4 Tight Analysis of a Multiple-Swap Heurstic for Budgeted Red-Blue Median Friggstad, Zachary et al. 2016
5 A Generic User Interface Architecture for Analyzing Use Hazards in Infusion Pump Software Masci, Paolo et al. 2014
6 Towards the Implementation and Evaluation of Semi-Partitioned Multi-Core Scheduling Zhang, Yi et al. 2011
7 Creating incentives to prevent execution failures: an extension of VCG mechanism Zhang, Yingqian et al. 2009
8 P2P XQuery and the StreetTiVo application Boncz, Peter A. et al. 2007
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