No. Title Author Year
1 Computing longest common square subsequences Inoue, Takafumi et al. 2018
2 Faster Online Elastic Degenerate String Matching Aoyama, Kotaro et al. 2018
3 Longest Lyndon Substring After Edit Urabe, Yuki et al. 2018
4 Longest substring palindrome after edit Funakoshi, Mitsuru et al. 2018
5 Lyndon Factorization of Grammar Compressed Texts Revisited Furuya, Isamu et al. 2018
6 Online LZ77 Parsing and Matching Statistics with RLBWTs Bannai, Hideo et al. 2018
7 Order-Preserving Pattern Matching Indeterminate Strings Henriques, Rui et al. 2018
8 Almost Linear Time Computation of Maximal Repetitions in Run Length Encoded Strings Fujishige, Yuta et al. 2017
9 Computing All Distinct Squares in Linear Time for Integer Alphabets Bannai, Hideo et al. 2017
10 Faster STR-IC-LCS Computation via RLE Kuboi, Keita et al. 2017
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