No. Title Author Year
1 Dynamic Branch Resolution Based on Combined Static Analyses Sun, Wei-Tsun et al. 2016
2 Expressing and Exploiting Conflicts over Paths in WCET Analysis Mussot, Vincent et al. 2016
3 A Framework to Quantify the Overestimations of Static WCET Analysis Cassé, Hugues et al. 2015
4 Using SMT Solving for the Lookup of Infeasible Paths in Binary Programs Ruiz, Jordy et al. 2015
5 Multi-architecture Value Analysis for Machine Code Cassé, Hugues et al. 2013
6 A Generic Framework for Blackbox Components in WCET Computation Ballabriga, Clément et al. 2009
7 WCET 2008 -- Report from the Tool Challenge 2008 -- 8th Intl. Workshop on Worst-Case Execution Time (WCET) Analysis Holsti, Niklas et al. 2008
8 Improving the WCET computation time by IPET using control flow graph partitioning Ballabriga, Clément et al. 2008
9 PapaBench: a Free Real-Time Benchmark Nemer, Fadia et al. 2006
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