No. Title Author Year
1 Recompression of SLPs Jez, Artur 2017
2 Recompression: New Approach to Word Equations and Context Unification (Invited Talk) Jez, Artur 2017
3 Word Equations in Nondeterministic Linear Space Jez, Artur 2017
4 LZ77 Factorisation of Trees Gawrychowski, Pawel et al. 2016
5 Solutions of Word Equations Over Partially Commutative Structures Diekert, Volker et al. 2016
6 Approximation of smallest linear tree grammar Jez, Artur et al. 2014
7 Recompression: a simple and powerful technique for word equations Jez, Artur 2013
8 Compressed Membership for NFA (DFA) with Compressed Labels is in NP (P) Jez, Artur 2012
9 On Equations over Sets of Integers Jez, Artur et al. 2010
10 Equations over Sets of Natural Numbers with Addition Only Jez, Artur et al. 2009
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