No. Title Author Year
1 Separating Quantum Communication and Approximate Rank Anshu, Anurag et al. 2017
2 Nearly Optimal Separations Between Communication (or Query) Complexity and Partitions Ambainis, Andris et al. 2016
3 Randomized Query Complexity of Sabotaged and Composed Functions Shalev, Ben-David et al. 2016
4 Separating Decision Tree Complexity from Subcube Partition Complexity Kothari, Robin et al. 2015
5 An optimal quantum algorithm for the oracle identification problem Kothari, Robin 2014
6 Dequantizing Read-once Quantum Formulas Cosentino, Alessandro et al. 2013
7 Easy and Hard Functions for the Boolean Hidden Shift Problem Childs, Andrew M. et al. 2013
8 Quantum query complexity of minor-closed graph properties Childs, Andrew M. et al. 2011
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