No. Title Author Year
1 The Intersection Problem for Finite Monoids Fleischer, Lukas et al. 2018
2 Solutions of Word Equations Over Partially Commutative Structures Diekert, Volker et al. 2016
3 Efficient Algorithms for Morphisms over Omega-Regular Languages Fleischer, Lukas et al. 2015
4 Ehrenfeucht-Fra´ssÚ Games on Omega-Terms Huschenbett, Martin et al. 2014
5 Quantifier Alternation in Two-Variable First-Order Logic with Successor Is Decidable Kufleitner, Manfred et al. 2013
6 The FO2 alternation hierarchy is decidable Kufleitner, Manfred et al. 2012
7 First-order Fragments with Successor over Infinite Words Kallas, Jakub et al. 2011
8 Fragments of First-Order Logic over Infinite Words Diekert, Volker et al. 2009
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