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1 Parallel Real-Time Tasks, as Viewed by WCET Analysis and Task Scheduling Approaches Rochange, Christine 2016
2 TACLeBench: A Benchmark Collection to Support Worst-Case Execution Time Research Falk, Heiko et al. 2016
3 A Framework to Quantify the Overestimations of Static WCET Analysis Cassť, Hugues et al. 2015
4 WCET and Mixed-Criticality: What does Confidence in WCET Estimations Depend Upon? Altmeyer, Sebastian et al. 2015
5 Contention in Multicore Hardware Shared Resources: Understanding of the State of the Art Fernandez, Gabriel et al. 2014
6 Automatic WCET Analysis of Real-Time Parallel Applications Ozaktas, Haluk et al. 2013
7 OASIcs, Volume 6, WCET'07, Complete Volume Rochange, Christine 2012
8 An Overview of Approaches Towards the Timing Analysability of Parallel Architecture Rochange, Christine 2011
9 WCET Analysis of a Parallel 3D Multigrid Solver Executed on the MERASA Multi-Core Rochange, Christine et al. 2010
10 WCET 2008 -- Report from the Tool Challenge 2008 -- 8th Intl. Workshop on Worst-Case Execution Time (WCET) Analysis Holsti, Niklas et al. 2008
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