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1 Synthesis of Functional Programs with Help of First-Order Intuitionistic Logic Benke, Marcin et al. 2016
2 Automata Theoretic Account of Proof Search Schubert, Aleksy et al. 2015
3 Restricted Positive Quantification Is Not Elementary Schubert, Aleksy et al. 2015
4 Frontmatter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Matthes, Ralph et al. 2014
5 LIPIcs, Volume 26, TYPES'13, Complete Volume Matthes, Ralph et al. 2014
6 Decidable structures between Church-style and Curry-style Fujita, Ken-etsu et al. 2013
7 ML with PTIME complexity guarantees Chrzaszcz, Jacek et al. 2012
8 The Undecidability of Type Related Problems in Type-free Style System F Fujita, Ken-Etsu et al. 2010
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