No. Title Author Year
1 Answering UCQs under Updates and in the Presence of Integrity Constraints Berkholz, Christoph et al. 2018
2 Gaifman Normal Forms for Counting Extensions of First-Order Logic Kuske, Dietrich et al. 2018
3 Answering FO+MOD Queries Under Updates on Bounded Degree Databases Berkholz, Christoph et al. 2017
4 Distributed Streaming with Finite Memory Neven, Frank et al. 2015
5 Using Locality for Efficient Query Evaluation in Various Computation Models (Invited Talk) Schweikardt, Nicole 2015
6 DFU, Volume 5, Data Exchange, Integration, and Streams, Complete Volume Kolaitis, Phokion G. et al. 2013
7 Frontmatter, Table of Contents, Preface Kolaitis, Phokion G. et al. 2013
8 On the locality of arb-invariant first-order logic with modulo counting quantifiers Harwath, Frederik et al. 2013
9 Regular tree languages, cardinality predicates, and addition-invariant FO Harwath, Frederik et al. 2012
10 10501 Abstracts Collection -- Advances and Applications of Automata on Words and Trees Glasser, Christian et al. 2011
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