No. Title Author Year
1 Bottleneck Paths and Trees and Deterministic Graphical Games Chechik, Shiri et al. 2016
2 Fast and Powerful Hashing Using Tabulation (Invited Talk) Thorup, Mikkel 2016
3 Faster Worst Case Deterministic Dynamic Connectivity Kejlberg-Rasmussen, Casper et al. 2016
4 Finding the Maximum Subset with Bounded Convex Curvature Abrahamsen, Mikkel et al. 2016
5 Incremental Exact Min-Cut in Poly-logarithmic Amortized Update Time Goranci, Gramoz et al. 2016
6 Coloring 3-colorable graphs with o(n^{1/5}) colors Kawarabayashi, Ken-ichi et al. 2014
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