No. Title Author Year
1 A Framework for Searching in Graphs in the Presence of Errors Dereniowski, Dariusz et al. 2018
2 Brief Announcement: Energy Constrained Depth First Search Das, Shantanu et al. 2018
3 Brief Announcement: Hamming Distance Completeness and Sparse Matrix Multiplication Graf, Daniel et al. 2018
4 Towards Unified Approximate Pattern Matching for Hamming and L_1 Distance Gawrychowski, Pawel et al. 2018
5 All-Pairs 2-Reachability in O(n^w log n) Time Georgiadis, Loukas et al. 2017
6 Approximation Strategies for Generalized Binary Search in Weighted Trees Dereniowski, Dariusz et al. 2017
7 Randomized Algorithms for Finding a Majority Element Gawrychowski, Pawel et al. 2016
8 Tight Tradeoffs for Real-Time Approximation of Longest Palindromes in Streams Gawrychowski, Pawel et al. 2016
9 Bounds on the Cover Time of Parallel Rotor Walks Dereniowski, Dariusz et al. 2014
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