No. Title Author Year
1 06461 Abstracts Collection -- Negotiation and Market Engineering Jennings, Nicholas R. et al. 2007
2 06461 Executive Summary -- Negotiation and Market Engineering Jennings, Nicholas R. et al. 2007
3 A Bayesian Reputation System for Virtual Organizations Haller, Jochen 2007
4 A Comparison Between Mechanisms for Sequential Compute Resource Auctions Byde, Andrew 2007
5 A Decision Support System for Market Mechanisms Choice in e-Procurement Block, Carsten 2007
6 Adopting Agent-Based Situated Decision Support Framework for Managing One-to-many Negotiations with Multiple Potential Agreements Vahidov, Rustam 2007
7 Decentralization and Mechanism Design for Online Machine Scheduling Heydenreich, Birgit et al. 2007
8 Designing Reverse Auctions for B-2-B Procurement – Evidence from the German Industry Eichstdt, Tilman 2007
9 Engineering Grid Markets Neumann, Dirk 2007
10 Experimental research on bilateral negotiations Rios, Jesus et al. 2007
11 MACE: A Multi-Attribute Combinatorial Exchange Schnizler, Bjrn 2007
12 Market Engineering: An Interdisciplinary Research Challenge Weinhardt, Christof et al. 2007
13 Negotiation Fever: Loss Aversion in Multi-Issue Negotiations Gimpel, Henner 2007
14 Negotiation or Auction? The NorA project Chen, Eva et al. 2007
15 Nonlinear Transaction Pricing in the Securities Trading Value Chain Burghardt, Matthias 2007
16 On Comparison of Mechanisms of Economic and Social Exchanges: The Times Model Kersten, Gregory et al. 2007
17 On the Design of Simple Multi-unit Online Auctions Kittsteiner, Thomas et al. 2007
18 Optimal Bidding Strategies for Simultaneous Vickrey Auctions with Perfect Substitutes Gerding, Enrico H. et al. 2007
19 Payoff levels, loss avoidance, and equilibrium selection in the Stag Hunt: an experimental study Feltovich, Nicholas et al. 2007
20 Prediction Markets: How Do Incentive Schemes Affect Prediction Accuracy? Luckner, Stefan 2007
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