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1 09121 Abstracts Collection -- Normative Multi-Agent Systems Boella, Guido et al. 2009
2 A categorization of simulation works on norms Savarimuthu, Bastin Tony Roy et al. 2009
3 A convention or (tacit) agreement betwixt us Andrighetto, Giulia et al. 2009
4 A Conviviality Measure for Early Requirement Phase Caire, Patrice et al. 2009
5 A Framework for Normative MultiAgent Organisations Boissier, Olivier et al. 2009
6 A modal logic for reasoning on consistency and completeness of regulations Garion, Christophe et al. 2009
7 A note on brute vs. institutional facts Grossi, Davide 2009
8 A Taxonomy for Ensuring Institutional Compliance in Utility Computing Balke, Tina 2009
9 An essay on msic-systems Odelstad, Jan 2009
10 Argumentation based Resolution of Conflicts Between Desires and Normative Goals Modgil, Sanjay et al. 2009
11 Contract Formation through Preemptive Normative Conflict Resolution Vasconcelos, Wamberto et al. 2009
12 Distrust is not Always the Complement of Trust (Position Paper) da Costa Pereira, Celia 2009
13 Dynamic Context Logic and its Application to Norm Aucher, Guillaume et al. 2009
14 Early requirements engineering for e-customs decision support: Assessing overlap in mental models Burgemeestre, Brigitte et al. 2009
15 FSL -- Fibred Security Language Genovese, Valerio et al. 2009
16 How Do Agents Comply with Norms? Governatori, Guido et al. 2009
17 Massively multiple online role playing games as normative multiagent systems Magnus, Johansson et al. 2009
18 Modeling and Validating Norms Torres da Silva, Viviane et al. 2009
19 Monitoring Social Expectations in Second Life Cranefield, Stephen et al. 2009
20 Normal = Normative? The Role of Intelligent Agents in Norm Innovation Andrighetto, Giulia et al. 2009
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