No. Title Author Year
1 09061 Abstracts Collection -- Combinatorial Scientific Computing Naumann, Uwe et al. 2009
2 A Model for Task Repartioning under Data Replication Aykanat, Cevdet et al. 2009
3 A Nearly-Linear Time Algorithm for Approximately Solving Linear Systems in a Symmetric M-Matrix Daitch, Samuel I. et al. 2009
4 Algorithmic Differentiation Through Automatic Graph Elimination Ordering (ADTAGEO) Riehme, Jan et al. 2009
5 Assessing an approximation algorithm for the minimum fill-in problem in practice Bücker, H. Martin et al. 2009
6 Combinatorial Problems in High-Performance Computing: Partitioning Bisseling, Rob et al. 2009
7 Combinatorial Problems in OpenAD Utke, Jean et al. 2009
8 Combinatorial problems in solving linear systems Duff, Iain S. et al. 2009
9 Distillating knowledge about SCOTCH Pellegrini, Francois 2009
10 Getting Started with ADOL-C Walther, Andrea 2009
11 Getting Started with Zoltan: A Short Tutorial Devine, Karen D. et al. 2009
12 Low-Memory Tour Reversal in Directed Graphs Mosenkis, Viktor et al. 2009
13 Multifrontral multithreaded rank-revealing sparse QR factorization Davis, Timothy 2009
14 Parallelization of Mapping Algorithms for Next Generation Sequencing Applications Bozdag, Doruk et al. 2009
15 Randomized Heuristics for Exploiting Jacobian Scarcity Lyons, Andrew et al. 2009
16 Short Tutorial: Getting Started With Ipopt in 90 Minutes Wächter, Andreas 2009
17 Stabilising aggregation AMG Hülsemann, Frank 2009
18 The CPR Method and Beyond : Prologue Hossain, Shahadat et al. 2009
19 The Enabling Power of Graph Coloring Algorithms in Automatic Differentiation and Parallel Processing Gebremedhin, Assefaw H. 2009
20 The Past, Present and Future of High Performance Computing van der Pas, Ruud 2009
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