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Tabacco, Anita

Time-Frequency Analysis and PDE's

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We study the action on modulation spaces of Fourier multipliers with symbols $e^{imu(xi)}$, for real-valued functions $mu$ having unbounded second derivatives. We show that if $mu$ satisfies the usual symbol estimates of order $alphageq2$, or if $mu$ is a positively homogeneous function of degree $alpha$, the corresponding Fourier multiplier is bounded as an operator between the weighted modulation spaces $mathcal{M}^{p,q}_delta$ and $mathcal{M}^{p,q}$, for every $1leq p,qleqinfty$ and $deltageq d(alpha-2)|frac{1}{p}-frac{1}{2}|$. Here $delta$ represents the loss of derivatives. The above threshold is shown to be sharp for {it all} homogeneous functions $mu$ whose Hessian matrix is non-degenerate at some point.

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Keywords: Fourier multipliers, modulation spaces, short-time Fourier transform
Seminar: 08492 - Structured Decompositions and Efficient Algorithms
Issue Date: 2009
Date of publication: 24.02.2009

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