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Margaria, Tiziana ; Bakera, Marco ; Wagner, Christian

Component-Oriented Behavior Extraction for Autonomic System Design

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Rich and multifaceted domain specific specification languages like the Autonomic System Specification Language (ASSL) help to design reliable systems with self-healing capabilities. The GEAR game-based Model Checker has been used successfully to investigate properties of the ESA Exo- Mars Rover in depth. We show here how to enable GEARís game-based verification techniques for ASSL via systematic model extraction from a behavioral subset of the language, and illustrate it on a description of the Voyager II space mission.

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Keywords: Self-healing, model driven design, game based model checking, model extraction
Seminar: 09201 - Self-Healing and Self-Adaptive Systems
Issue Date: 2009
Date of publication: 27.07.2009

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