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Venkatachalam, Vasanth ; Probst, Christian W. ; Franz, Michael

A Multilevel Introspective Dynamic Optimization System For Holistic Power-Aware Computing

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Power consumption is rapidly becoming the dominant limiting factor for further improvements in computer design. Curiously, this applies both at the "high end" of workstations and servers and the "low end" of handheld devices and embedded computers. At the high-end, the challenge lies in dealing with exponentially growing power densities. At the low-end, there is a demand to make mobile devices more powerful and longer lasting, but battery technology is not improving at the same rate that power consumption is rising. Traditional power-management research is fragmented; techniques are being developed at specific levels, without fully exploring their synergy with other levels. Most software techniques target either operating systems or compilers but do not explore the interaction between the two layers. These techniques also have not fully explored the potential of virtual machines for power management. In contrast, we are developing a system that integrates information from multiple levels of software and hardware, connecting these levels through a communication channel. At the heart of this system are a virtual machine that compiles and dynamically profiles code, and an optimizer that reoptimizes all code, including that of applications and the virtual machine itself. We believe this introspective, holistic approach enables more informed power-management decisions.

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Keywords: Power-aware Computing, Virtual Machines, Dynamic Optimization
Seminar: 05141 - Power-aware Computing Systems
Issue Date: 2005
Date of publication: 02.11.2005

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