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Long-tem digital preservation in e-Science domains



The complexity of digital preservation increases with the fact that each type of digital object has its own particularities and special requirements. The collaborative environment of the scientific community, and associated services and infrastructures, usually known as e-Science (or enhanced Science), involves the requirement of interoperability and the respective data sharing. In a broad sense, e-Science concerns the set of techniques, services, personnel and organizations involved in collaborative and networked science. It includes technology but also human social structures and new large scale processes of making science. It also means, on the same time, a need and an opportunity for a better integration between science and engineering processes. Thus, long-term preservation can be thought as a required property for future science and engineering, to assure communication over time, so that information that is understood today is transmitted to an unknown system in the future.

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Keywords: e-Science, Risk Management
Seminar: 10291 - Automation in Digital Preservation
Issue date: 2010
Date of publication: 2010

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