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Avoiding Ambiguity and Assessing Uniqueness in Minisatellite Alignment



Several algorithms have been suggested for minisatellite alignment. Their time complexity is high -- close to O(n^3) -- due to the necessary reconstruction of duplication histories. We investigate the uniqueness of optimal alignments computed under the common single-copy duplication model. To this extent, it is necessary to avoid ambiguity in the algorithm employed. We re-code the ARLEM algorithm in the form of a grammar, and apply a disambiguation technique which uses a mapping to a canonical representation of minisatellite alignments. Having arrived at a non-ambiguous algorithm this way, we demonstrate that the underlying model -- independent of the algorithm -- gives rise to an exorbitant number of different, co-optimal alignments when applied to real-world data. We conclude that alignment-free methods should be considered for minisatellite comparison.

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Keywords: minisatellite alignment, dynamic programming, ambiguity
Seminar: German Conference on Bioinformatics 2013
Issue date: 2013
Date of publication: 2013

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