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Understanding PPA-Completeness



We consider the problem of finding a fully colored base triangle on the 2-dimensional Möbius band under the standard boundary condition, proving it to be PPA-complete. The proof is based on a construction for the DPZP problem, that of finding a zero point under a discrete version of continuity condition. It further derives PPA-completeness for versions on the Möbius band of other related discrete fixed point type problems, and a special version of the Tucker problem, finding an edge such that if the value of one end vertex is x, the other is -x, given a special anti-symmetry boundary condition. More generally, this applies to other non-orientable spaces, including the projective plane and the Klein bottle. However, since those models have a closed boundary, we rely on a version of the PPA that states it as to find another fixed point giving a fixed point. This model also makes it presentationally simple for an extension to a high dimensional discrete fixed point problem on a non-orientable (nearly) hyper-grid with a constant side length.

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Keywords: Fixed Point Computation, PPA-Completeness
Seminar: 31st Conference on Computational Complexity (CCC 2016)
Issue date: 2016
Date of publication: 2016

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