No. Title Author Year
1 (No) Quantum Space-Time Tradeoff for USTCON Apers, Simon et al. 2023
2 1DLT: Rapid Deployment of Secure and Efficient EVM-Based Blockchains Bottoni, Simone et al. 2023
3 5-Approximation for ℋ-Treewidth Essentially as Fast as ℋ-Deletion Parameterized by Solution Size Jansen, Bart M. P. et al. 2023
4 A (3/2 + ε)-Approximation for Multiple TSP with a Variable Number of Depots Deppert, Max et al. 2023
5 A (Slightly) Improved Approximation Algorithm for the Metric Traveling Salesperson Problem (Invited Talk) Karlin, Anna R. 2023
6 A 10/7-Approximation for Discrete Bamboo Garden Trimming and Continuous Trimming on Star Graphs Höhne, Felix et al. 2023
7 A 4/3 Approximation for 2-Vertex-Connectivity Bosch-Calvo, Miguel et al. 2023
8 A Benchmark for Early Time-Series Classification (Extended Abstract) Kamberi, Petro-Foti et al. 2023
9 A Brief History of History-Determinism (Invited Talk) Lehtinen, Karoliina 2023
10 A Category for Unifying Gaussian Probability and Nondeterminism Stein, Dario et al. 2023
11 A Characterisation of Functions Computable in Polynomial Time and Space over the Reals with Discrete Ordinary Differential Equations: Simulation of Turing Machines with Analytic Discrete ODEs Blanc, Manon et al. 2023
12 A Combinatorial Cut-Toggling Algorithm for Solving Laplacian Linear Systems Henzinger, Monika et al. 2023
13 A Comparison of Global and Local Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques in Estimating Flash Flood Susceptibility (Short Paper) Yao, Jing et al. 2023
14 A Comparison of SAT Encodings for Acyclicity of Directed Graphs Zhou, Neng-Fa et al. 2023
15 A Connectivity-Sensitive Approach to Consensus Dynamics Chazelle, Bernard et al. 2023
16 A Constant-Factor Approximation for Quasi-Bipartite Directed Steiner Tree on Minor-Free Graphs Friggstad, Zachary et al. 2023
17 A CP Approach for the Liner Shipping Network Design Problem El Ghazi, Yousra et al. 2023
18 A Curry-Howard Correspondence for Linear, Reversible Computation Chardonnet, Kostia et al. 2023
19 A Cyclic Proof System for Full Computation Tree Logic Afshari, Bahareh et al. 2023
20 A Data Fusion Framework for Exploring Mobility Around Disruptive Events (Short Paper) Noi, Evgeny et al. 2023
21 A Data-Driven Decision-Making Framework for Spatial Agent-Based Models of Infectious Disease Spread (Short Paper) Von Hoene, Emma et al. 2023
22 A Decomposition Framework for Inconsistency Handling in Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning (Extended Abstract) Salhi, Yakoub et al. 2023
23 A Degree 4 Sum-Of-Squares Lower Bound for the Clique Number of the Paley Graph Kunisky, Dmitriy et al. 2023
24 A Deterministic Construction of a Large Distance Code from the Wozencraft Ensemble Guruswami, Venkatesan et al. 2023
25 A Dichotomy for Succinct Representations of Homomorphisms Berkholz, Christoph et al. 2023
26 A Direct-Style Effect Notation for Sequential and Parallel Programs Richter, David et al. 2023
27 A Direct-Style Effect Notation for Sequential and Parallel Programs (Artifact) Richter, David et al. 2023
28 A Distribution Testing Oracle Separating QMA and QCMA Natarajan, Anand et al. 2023
29 A Faster Algorithm for Recognizing Directed Graphs Invulnerable to Braess’s Paradox Matsubayashi, Akira et al. 2023
30 A Fine-Grained Classification of the Complexity of Evaluating the Tutte Polynomial on Integer Points Parameterized by Treewidth and Cutwidth Mannens, Isja et al. 2023
31 A Formal Analysis of RANKING Abdulaziz, Mohammad et al. 2023
32 A Formalisation of Gallagher’s Ergodic Theorem Nash, Oliver 2023
33 A Framework for Adversarial Streaming via Differential Privacy and Difference Estimators Attias, Idan et al. 2023
34 A Framework for Fostering Easier Access to Enriched Textual Information Silva, Gabriel et al. 2023
35 A Game of Pawns Avni, Guy et al. 2023
36 A Gamified Educational Escape Rooms' Framework for Computer Programming Classes (Short Paper) Queirós, Ricardo et al. 2023
37 A General Approach to Under-Approximate Reasoning About Concurrent Programs Raad, Azalea et al. 2023
38 A General Framework for Learning-Augmented Online Allocation Cohen, Ilan Reuven et al. 2023
39 A Generalization of the Persistent Laplacian to Simplicial Maps Gülen, Aziz Burak et al. 2023
40 A Graph-Theoretic Formulation of Exploratory Blockmodeling Bille, Alexander et al. 2023
41 A Hierarchical and Geographically Weighted Regression Model and Its Backfitting Maximum Likelihood Estimator (Short Paper) Hu, Yigong et al. 2023
42 A Hyperbolic Extension of Kadison-Singer Type Results Zhang, Ruizhe et al. 2023
43 A Ihara-Bass Formula for Non-Boolean Matrices and Strong Refutations of Random CSPs d'Orsi, Tommaso et al. 2023
44 A Lambda Calculus Satellite (Invited Talk) Manzonetto, Giulio 2023
45 A Lattice-Theoretical View of Strategy Iteration Baldan, Paolo et al. 2023
46 A Local-To-Global Theorem for Congested Shortest Paths Akmal, Shyan et al. 2023
47 A Lower Bound on the Share Size in Evolving Secret Sharing Mazor, Noam 2023
48 A Metatheoretic Analysis of Subtype Universes Bradley, Felix et al. 2023
49 A Modular Approach to Construct Signature-Free BRB Algorithms Under a Message Adversary Albouy, Timothé et al. 2023
50 A New Approach to Finding 2 x n Partially Spatially Balanced Latin Rectangles (Short Paper) Mirka, Renee et al. 2023
51 A New Approach to Perform Individual Assessments at Higher Education Using Gamification Systems Portela, Filipe 2023
52 A New Conjecture on Hardness of 2-CSP’s with Implications to Hardness of Densest k-Subgraph and Other Problems Chuzhoy, Julia et al. 2023
53 A New Perspective on Criticality: Efficient State Abstraction and Run-Time Monitoring of Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Control Systems Rheinfels, Tim et al. 2023
54 A New Perspective on Criticality: Efficient State Abstraction and Run-Time Monitoring of Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Control Systems (Artifact) Rheinfels, Tim et al. 2023
55 A Normalized Edit Distance on Infinite Words Fisman, Dana et al. 2023
56 A Parameterized Algorithm for Vertex Connectivity Survivable Network Design Problem with Uniform Demands Bang-Jensen, Jørgen et al. 2023
57 A Personalised Pedestrian Navigation System (Short Paper) Shah, Urmi et al. 2023
58 A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for MCS Partial Search Order on Chordal Graphs Rong, Guozhen et al. 2023
59 A Positive Perspective on Term Representation (Invited Talk) Miller, Dale et al. 2023
60 A Privacy-Preserving and Transparent Certification System for Digital Credentials Saramago, Rodrigo Q. et al. 2023
61 A Proof-Producing Compiler for Blockchain Applications Avigad, Jeremy et al. 2023
62 A Pseudonymization Prototype for Hungarian Novák, Attila et al. 2023
63 A Quantitative Version of Simple Types Pautasso, Daniele et al. 2023
64 A Regular and Complete Notion of Delay for Streaming String Transducers Filiot, Emmanuel et al. 2023
65 A Researcher’s Digest of GQL (Invited Talk) Francis, Nadime et al. 2023
66 A SAT Solver’s Opinion on the Erdős-Faber-Lovász Conjecture Kirchweger, Markus et al. 2023
67 A Semantics of 𝕂 into Dedukti Ledein, Amélie et al. 2023
68 A Simple Algorithm for Consistent Query Answering Under Primary Keys Figueira, Diego et al. 2023
69 A Simple Boosting Framework for Transshipment Zuzic, Goran 2023
70 A Simply Numbered Lambda Calculus Steimann, Friedrich 2023
71 A Sound and Complete Projection for Global Types Tirore, Dawit et al. 2023
72 A Sound and Complete Tableau System for Fuzzy Halpern and Shoham’s Interval Temporal Logic Conradie, Willem et al. 2023
73 A Sparse Johnson-Lindenstrauss Transform Using Fast Hashing Houen, Jakob Bæk Tejs et al. 2023
74 A Structural Approach to Tree Decompositions of Knots and Spatial Graphs Lunel, Corentin et al. 2023
75 A Subpolynomial-Time Algorithm for the Free Energy of One-Dimensional Quantum Systems in the Thermodynamic Limit Fawzi, Hamza et al. 2023
76 A Super-Polynomial Separation Between Resolution and Cut-Free Sequent Calculus Papamakarios, Theodoros 2023
77 A Sweep-Plane Algorithm for Calculating the Isolation of Mountains Funke, Daniel et al. 2023
78 A Symbolic Design Method for ETCS Hybrid Level 3 at Different Degrees of Accuracy Engels, Stefan et al. 2023
79 A Systematic Review of Formative Assessment to Support Students Learning Computer Programming Thangaraj, Jagadeeswaran et al. 2023
80 A Systematic Review of Teacher-Facing Dashboards for Collaborative Learning Activities and Tools in Online Higher Education Romão, Tiago et al. 2023
81 A Tale of Two Cities: Teaching CP with Story-Telling (Invited Talk) Lee, Jimmy H.M. 2023
82 A Tight (1.5+ε)-Approximation for Unsplittable Capacitated Vehicle Routing on Trees Mathieu, Claire et al. 2023
83 A Tight Competitive Ratio for Online Submodular Welfare Maximization Ganz, Amit et al. 2023
84 A Tight Holistic Memory Latency Bound Through Coordinated Management of Memory Resources Abdelhalim, Shorouk et al. 2023
85 A Tour on Ecumenical Systems (Invited Talk) Pimentel, Elaine et al. 2023
86 A Unifying Approach to Efficient (Near)-Gathering of Disoriented Robots with Limited Visibility Castenow, Jannik et al. 2023
87 A Univalent Formalization of Constructive Affine Schemes Zeuner, Max et al. 2023
88 A Weyl Criterion for Finite-State Dimension and Applications Lutz, Jack H. et al. 2023
89 About Decisiveness of Dynamic Probabilistic Models Finkel, Alain et al. 2023
90 Absolute Expressiveness of Subgraph-Based Centrality Measures Pieris, Andreas et al. 2023
91 Abstract Voronoi-Like Graphs: Extending Delaunay’s Theorem and Applications Papadopoulou, Evanthia 2023
92 Accelerating Self-Assembly of Crisscross Slat Systems Doty, David et al. 2023
93 Acceleration of FM-Index Queries Through Prefix-Free Parsing Hong, Aaron et al. 2023
94 Achieving Least Relocation of Existing Facilities in Spatial Optimisation: A Bi-Objective Model (Short Paper) Chen, Huanfa et al. 2023
95 Action Codes Vaandrager, Frits et al. 2023
96 Aczel-Mendler Bisimulations in a Regular Category Dubut, Jérémy 2023
97 Adaptive Collective Responses to Local Stimuli in Anonymous Dynamic Networks Oh, Shunhao et al. 2023
98 Adding Transitivity and Counting to the Fluted Fragment Pratt-Hartmann, Ian et al. 2023
99 Addressing Problem Drift in UNHCR Fund Allocation Wijesundara, Sameela Suharshani et al. 2023
100 Adjacent LSTM-Based Page Scheduling for Hybrid DRAM/NVM Memory Systems Katsaragakis, Manolis et al. 2023
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