No. Title Author Year
1 Completeness Matters: Towards Efficient Caching in Tree-Based Synchronous Backtracking Search for DCOPs Wang, Jie et al. 2022
2 Improved Bounds for Randomly Colouring Simple Hypergraphs Feng, Weiming et al. 2022
3 Making Rigorous Linear Programming Practical for Program Analysis Wang, Tengbin et al. 2021
4 A Unified Framework of FPT Approximation Algorithms for Clustering Problems Feng, Qilong et al. 2020
5 How Do People Describe Locations During a Natural Disaster: An Analysis of Tweets from Hurricane Harvey Hu, Yingjie et al. 2020
6 On the Degree of Boolean Functions as Polynomials over ℤ_m Sun, Xiaoming et al. 2020
7 Graph Searches and Their End Vertices Cao, Yixin et al. 2019
8 Improved Algorithms for Clustering with Outliers Feng, Qilong et al. 2019
9 Index-Based, High-Dimensional, Cosine Threshold Querying with Optimality Guarantees Li, Yuliang et al. 2019
10 Small Candidate Set for Translational Pattern Search Huang, Ziyun et al. 2019
11 Graph Reconstruction by Discrete Morse Theory Dey, Tamal K. et al. 2018
12 New Algorithms for Edge Induced König-Egerváry Subgraph Based on Gallai-Edmonds Decomposition Feng, Qilong et al. 2018
13 An Improved FPT Algorithm for the Flip Distance Problem Li, Shaohua et al. 2017
14 Declutter and Resample: Towards Parameter Free Denoising Buchet, Mickael et al. 2017
15 Compact Visibility Representation of Plane Graphs Wang, Jiun-Jie et al. 2011
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