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1 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Cabello, Sergio et al. 2020
2 LIPIcs, Volume 164, SoCG 2020, Complete Volume Cabello, Sergio et al. 2020
3 Maximum Matchings in Geometric Intersection Graphs Bonnet, Édouard et al. 2020
4 Some Open Problems in Computational Geometry (Invited Talk) Cabello, Sergio 2020
5 Computing Shapley Values in the Plane Cabello, Sergio et al. 2019
6 The Reverse Kakeya Problem Bae, Sang Won et al. 2018
7 Maximum Volume Subset Selection for Anchored Boxes Bringmann, Karl et al. 2017
8 The Parameterized Complexity of Finding a 2-Sphere in a Simplicial Complex Burton, Benjamin et al. 2017
9 Finding All Maximal Subsequences with Hereditary Properties Bokal, Drago et al. 2015
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