No. Title Author Year
1 On Quantitative Algebraic Higher-Order Theories Dal Lago, Ugo et al. 2022
2 On Session Typing, Probabilistic Polynomial Time, and Cryptographic Experiments Dal Lago, Ugo et al. 2022
3 A Recursion-Theoretic Characterization of the Probabilistic Class PP Dal Lago, Ugo et al. 2021
4 Resource Transition Systems and Full Abstraction for Linear Higher-Order Effectful Programs Dal Lago, Ugo et al. 2021
5 On Higher-Order Cryptography Barak, Boaz et al. 2020
6 Solvability in a Probabilistic Setting (Invited Talk) Ronchi Della Rocca, Simona et al. 2020
7 Differential Logical Relations, Part I: The Simply-Typed Case Dal Lago, Ugo et al. 2019
8 On the Taylor Expansion of Probabilistic lambda-terms Dal Lago, Ugo et al. 2019
9 On Coinduction and Quantum Lambda Calculi Deng, Yuxin et al. 2015
10 On Sharing, Memoization, and Polynomial Time Avanzini, Martin et al. 2015
11 Higher-Order Interpretations and Program Complexity Baillot, Patrick et al. 2012
12 On the Invariance of the Unitary Cost Model for Head Reduction Accattoli, Beniamino et al. 2012
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