No. Title Author Year
1 Non-Uniform Complexity via Non-Wellfounded Proofs Curzi, Gianluca et al. 2023
2 Decision Problems for Linear Logic with Least and Greatest Fixed Points Das, Anupam et al. 2022
3 New Minimal Linear Inferences in Boolean Logic Independent of Switch and Medial Das, Anupam et al. 2021
4 On the Logical Strength of Confluence and Normalisation for Cyclic Proofs Das, Anupam 2021
5 Proof Complexity of Systems of (Non-Deterministic) Decision Trees and Branching Programs Buss, Sam et al. 2020
6 A Recursion-Theoretic Characterisation of the Positive Polynomial-Time Functions Das, Anupam et al. 2018
7 Non-Wellfounded Proof Theory For (Kleene+Action)(Algebras+Lattices) Das, Anupam et al. 2018
8 Free-Cut Elimination in Linear Logic and an Application to a Feasible Arithmetic Baillot, Patrick et al. 2016
9 No complete linear term rewriting system for propositional logic Das, Anupam et al. 2015
10 Rewriting with Linear Inferences in Propositional Logic Das, Anupam 2013
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