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1 Subquadratic-Time Algorithm for the Diameter and All Eccentricities on Median Graphs Bergé, Pierre et al. 2022
2 Isometric Embeddings in Trees and Their Use in Distance Problems Ducoffe, Guillaume 2021
3 Maximum Matching in Almost Linear Time on Graphs of Bounded Clique-Width Ducoffe, Guillaume 2021
4 On Computing the Average Distance for Some Chordal-Like Graphs Ducoffe, Guillaume 2021
5 Optimal Centrality Computations Within Bounded Clique-Width Graphs Ducoffe, Guillaume 2021
6 Faster Approximation Algorithms for Computing Shortest Cycles on Weighted Graphs Ducoffe, Guillaume 2019
7 A New Application of Orthogonal Range Searching for Computing Giant Graph Diameters Ducoffe, Guillaume 2018
8 Fast Approximation and Exact Computation of Negative Curvature Parameters of Graphs Chalopin, Jérémie et al. 2018
9 How long does it take for all users in a social network to choose their communities? Bermond, Jean-Claude et al. 2018
10 The b-Matching Problem in Distance-Hereditary Graphs and Beyond Ducoffe, Guillaume et al. 2018
11 The Use of a Pruned Modular Decomposition for Maximum Matching Algorithms on Some Graph Classes Ducoffe, Guillaume et al. 2018
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