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1 A Strategic Routing Framework and Algorithms for Computing Alternative Paths Bläsius, Thomas et al. 2020
2 Fair Tree Connection Games with Topology-Dependent Edge Cost Bilò, Davide et al. 2020
3 Solving Vertex Cover in Polynomial Time on Hyperbolic Random Graphs Bläsius, Thomas et al. 2020
4 The Minimization of Random Hypergraphs Bläsius, Thomas et al. 2020
5 Theory of Randomized Optimization Heuristics (Dagstuhl Reports 19431) Doerr, Carola et al. 2020
6 Efficiently Generating Geometric Inhomogeneous and Hyperbolic Random Graphs Bläsius, Thomas et al. 2019
7 From Graph Theory to Network Science: The Natural Emergence of Hyperbolicity (Tutorial) Friedrich, Tobias 2019
8 The Satisfiability Threshold for Non-Uniform Random 2-SAT Friedrich, Tobias et al. 2019
9 Efficient Shortest Paths in Scale-Free Networks with Underlying Hyperbolic Geometry Bläsius, Thomas et al. 2018
10 Bounds on the Satisfiability Threshold for Power Law Distributed Random SAT Friedrich, Tobias et al. 2017
11 The Parameterized Complexity of Dependency Detection in Relational Databases Bläsius, Thomas et al. 2017
12 Efficient Embedding of Scale-Free Graphs in the Hyperbolic Plane Bläsius, Thomas et al. 2016
13 Greed is Good for Deterministic Scale-Free Networks Chauhan, Ankit et al. 2016
14 Hyperbolic Random Graphs: Separators and Treewidth Bläsius, Thomas et al. 2016
15 Probabilistic Routing for On-Street Parking Search Arndt, Tobias et al. 2016
16 Scale-Free Networks, Hyperbolic Geometry, and Efficient Algorithms (Invited Talk) Friedrich, Tobias 2016
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