No. Title Author Year
1 Graph Searching with Predictions Banerjee, Siddhartha et al. 2023
2 Algorithms for Uncertain Environments: Going Beyond the Worst-Case (Invited Talk) Gupta, Anupam 2022
3 Probing to Minimize Wang, Weina et al. 2022
4 Bag-Of-Tasks Scheduling on Related Machines Gupta, Anupam et al. 2021
5 Structural Iterative Rounding for Generalized k-Median Problems Gupta, Anupam et al. 2021
6 Online Carpooling Using Expander Decompositions Gupta, Anupam et al. 2020
7 Robust Algorithms for the Secretary Problem Bradac, Domagoj et al. 2020
8 Non-Clairvoyant Precedence Constrained Scheduling Garg, Naveen et al. 2019
9 Stochastic Online Metric Matching Gupta, Anupam et al. 2019
10 Tight FPT Approximations for k-Median and k-Means Cohen-Addad, Vincent et al. 2019
11 A Local-Search Algorithm for Steiner Forest Groß, Martin et al. 2018
12 Fully-Dynamic Bin Packing with Little Repacking Feldkord, Björn et al. 2018
13 Maximizing Profit with Convex Costs in the Random-order Model Gupta, Anupam et al. 2018
14 Non-Preemptive Flow-Time Minimization via Rejections Gupta, Anupam et al. 2018
15 Stochastic Unsplittable Flows Gupta, Anupam et al. 2017
16 Approximation Algorithms for Aversion k-Clustering via Local k-Median Gupta, Anupam et al. 2016
17 A 2-Competitive Algorithm For Online Convex Optimization With Switching Costs Bansal, Nikhil et al. 2015
18 10211 Abstracts Collection -- Flexible Network Design Gupta, Anupam et al. 2010
19 Differentially Private Combinatorial Optimization Talwar, Kunal et al. 2010
20 All-Norms and All-L_p-Norms Approximation Algorithms Golovin, Daniel et al. 2008
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