No. Title Author Year
1 Fast and Simple Compact Hashing via Bucketing Köppl, Dominik et al. 2020
2 In-Place Bijective Burrows-Wheeler Transforms Köppl, Dominik et al. 2020
3 Bidirectional Text Compression in External Memory Dinklage, Patrick et al. 2019
4 Indexing the Bijective BWT Bannai, Hideo et al. 2019
5 Compression with the tudocomp Framework Dinklage, Patrick et al. 2017
6 Computing All Distinct Squares in Linear Time for Integer Alphabets Bannai, Hideo et al. 2017
7 Efficiently Finding All Maximal alpha-gapped Repeats Gawrychowski, Pawel et al. 2016
8 On the Benefit of Merging Suffix Array Intervals for Parallel Pattern Matching Fischer, Johannes et al. 2016
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